Utes are the most versatile cars on the road. It is referred to, in Australia, as any vehicle with a tonneau behind the passenger compartment, and can be driven regularly with a driver’s licence.

Traditionally, the term referred to vehicles built on passenger car chassis and with the cargo tray integrated with the passenger body. However, present-day usage of the term “Ute” in Australia and New Zealand has expanded to include any vehicle with an open cargo area at the rear, which would be called a pickup truck in other countries.

Utes manufacturing brands include:


Utes produced by Ford in Australia:

1941–1949 1941 Ford

1949–1951 1949 Ford

1946–1953 Ford Anglia Coupe Utility

1956–1962 Ford Consul Mk.II

1961–2016 Ford Falcon Ute

1952–1959 Ford Mainline Utility

1953–1955 Ford Popular 103E

1946–1953 Ford Prefects

1956–1962 Ford Zephyr Mark II Coupe Utility


Utes produced by Holden or its parent company General Motors in Australia:

1946–1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster

1951–1957 Vauxhall Velox

1951–1968 Holden Utility

1952–1954 Vauxhall Wyvern

1968–1984 Holden Kingswood

1990–1991 Holden Utility (VG)

1991–2017 Holden Ute / Holden Commodore Ute (VP to VF)

Holden also sells rebadged Utes produced elsewhere. They include:

1980–2008 Holden Rodeo, rebadged Isuzu Faster and Isuzu D-Max.

2008–2020 Holden Colorado, rebadged Chevrolet Colorado built in Thailand.



1953-1957 Plymouth Belvedere

1956–1957 Plymouth Cranbrook

1956-1958 Plymouth Savoy

1956–1957 Dodge Kingsway

1956–1957 DeSoto Diplomat

1958–1961 Chrysler Wayfarer

1965–1979 Chrysler Valiant Utility and Dodge Utility[32]

British Leyland


1954–1974 Austin Cambridge Coupe Utility

1968–1971 Austin 1800 Utility



1950-1958 Commer Light Pick-ups, based on the Hillman Minx

1956 Hillman deluxe Utility