A minibus is commonly classified as any vehicle with between 7 to 16 passenger seats.

Ford Minibuses

Ford Custom Tourneo Titanium-x 8 seat

Ford Custom Kombi 9 Seat

Ford Custom Tourneo Shuttle Bus 9 seat

Ford Custom Tourneo Titanium 8 seat

Ford Custom Tourneo Zetec 8 Seat

Ford Custom Tourneo Zetec 9 Seat

Ford Transit 11 Seat

Ford Transit 12 Seat

Ford Transit 14 Seat

Ford Transit 15 Seat

Ford Transit 17 Seat

Ford Transit 18 seat

Custom Tourneo Titanium 9 Seat L2 (LWB)

Renault Minibuses

Renault Trafic Business LL30 9 Seat LWB

Renault Trafic Business SL28 9 Seat SWB

Renault Trafic Sport LL30 9 Seat LWB

Vauxhall Minibuses

Vauxhall Vivaro 9 Seat SWB

Vauxhall Vivaro 9 Seat LWB

Volkswagen Minibuses

Volkswagen Shuttle 8 seat

Volkswagen Shuttle 9 seat

Citroen Minibuses

Citroen Relay 17 Seat WAV – Lift

Citroen Relay 17 Seat WAV – Ramp