The MINI brand has gone through many changes in its BMW-owned revival, but the fundamental spirit of driving fun and economical practicality remain. The zippy, cute-faced MINI is a small car that has carved itself a unique niche in the market.

The shape and details that make even a modern MINI instantly recognizable will remain, blending the classic with the current in a compact and, sometimes, cute design.

Despite their small size and sharp handling, the many MINI variants ride surprisingly well.

Customization straight from the dealer is one of MINI’s strong suits, and there is a host of aesthetic tweaks that can be made to any MINI, whether Hardtop, Clubman, Roadster, Coupe, or Convertible, including paint options for the car, side mirrors, and roof, plus vinyl graphic packages.


  • Very fun to drive
  • Iconic look
  • Very good gas mileage
  • Customization options are immense


  • Small back seat
  • Uninspired steering feel
  • Controls and materials don’t match the price
  • Pricey with options