Do you want to buy a car but intimidated by the idea of talking to a salesperson, a car broker can handle that on your behalf. Car brokers are car sales professionals who offer their services to people buying new and used cars. A car-buying process is a very complicated one. However, car brokers can do all the hard work. This saves car buyers of stress and cost. Car brokers almost always get good cars at better prices.

At Gold Coast Car Broker services, we obtain the best prices for you and remove the stress of negotiating with car dealerships. We have a wide network of car dealers which gives you leverage to compare prices and get the best deal when you want to buy a car. Our team of experts have a wide range of skills in sales strategies, negotiation strategies, and can close any deal with the best profit margin possible. We search the type for your desired car, help you negotiate for a better deal, and handle all paper works involved. We can even deliver your cars to you, if you want.

To start the car-buying process, you are required to pay a certain fee called the retainer. Once we know what you want, they type of car you need, whether new or used, we begin to search. Within a few days, we will locate the car, truck, SUV, service vehicle, buses or vans that fits what you’re looking for at a very affordable price. Should your choice of car be a limited edition, with rare colours and specifications, the car-finding process may take a while.

We offer you convenience

Whether you’re looking for a classic car for the heart-warm experience or an inexpensive and safe car for your family and children, we can help you save money and time.

No matter the kind of vehicle you want to buy – antique, vintage, or rare and expensive – using our more specialised broker service is essential. This helps to save even more time and effort. We purchase the car on your behalf while all you have to do is pick the vehicle at the showroom. We may charge some fees on this convenience service. However, getting you your car is the utmost priority.

Why our car brokerage service is a good idea for you

Car buying may probably be an occasional event for you. At the same time, it may be one of the most expensive investments in your life, after housing and building costs. Hiring a professional car broker service is important. This saves you from making costly mistakes and wasting money. Choosing the right kind of car broker when you need to buy your car is also essential. This is why hiring Gold Coast Car Broker is your best option.

We get the best deals at the right price. We know the details about car buying and selling. We are highly trained and knowledgeable. Also, we do not associate with any car dealership. This is crucial in choosing a car broker service because it means we are not hiding any fees or charging you above necessary. However, we have a wide network of trusted car dealers. We are dedicated to serving our customers.

Paying Flat Fee vs. Percentage Charges

Depending on the type of vehicle you want, you may be required to pay a certain amount called the flat fee. This flat fee is usually higher for used cars than for new cars because the process of finding used cars is more detailed.

Some brokers charge a fee based on the percentage difference between the cost of a vehicle and the amount a buyer pays. This is known as percentage charge. While other brokers charge on a percentage basis, we do not.

Charging a flat fee saves cost for the buyer.